Cat house/litter box cover - Fortress

Cat house/litter box cover - Fortress


Your cat's toilet can look better than yours! Just slip the old litter box this beauty!


Who wouldn't feel safe in this fort? Your cat can feel like a princess now. Or prince.


Easy to clean the litter box - just remove the top which is secured by magnets.


Don't like it as a litter box? Use it as a funky cat house! Just put that wool oval stuffed pillow inside. 

Pillow color

This fortress fits standard size litter box. Measurements of the litter box shown in pictures: 50 x 37 x 13 cm. 

Maine Coons, we are working on your litter boxes, patience!

Litter box area

(L x W x H), cm 

Fortress outside size

(L x W x H), cm 

53 x 40 x 36 56 x 43 x 45