Matte blue handmade ceramic cat bowl

Matte blue handmade ceramic cat bowl


Handmade by our fantastic ceramic artist. 


Pictures don't tell the whole story. Each and every bowl is different and unique. Each is extremely beautiful, though. Guaranteed to make your cat feel even more elegant. 


Please choose the size depending on how much your cat eats and drinks. Breeds below are for indicative purposes only. But unless your cat is really cute and small or really big, M size should work fine.


Bowl size 

Diameter, cm  Capacity, ml  Typical breeds
S 12 200 Really small. Singapura, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex
M 15 400 Regular sized cat
L 18 700 Really big. Maine Coon. Lynx would probably also like it. 

You can also order XL size. But that raises a question. Are you sure your cat is legal?