My Tiny Habits macrame cat hammock and 4 coasters

My Tiny Habits macrame cat hammock and 4 coasters


A handmade macrame boho-style cat’s hammock is a temple of joy for your lovely cat and a pleasure and relaxation to your eyes. It’s a two in one - a cozy home for your cat and a modern boho-style decoration for your cosy home. Made of 100 % natural cotton cord putting all the carefulness and attention to detail.


IMPORTANT: this product is made to be hanged so when you touch it stronger or when your cat tries to find the place in there - it’s moving. Pay attention to this if your pet is more sensitive and doesn’t like to stay inside unstable constructions. 


And set of 4 matching coasters to finish the look of a beautiful cat hammock!

These handmade boho-style macrame coasters are ready to contribute to a cozy bohemian atmosphere for your tea or coffee rituals. It can also be a perfect option as a simple minimalistic gift. Made of 100% natural cotton string. 

100% natural high quality 4 mm twisted cotton cord for cat hammock and 3 mm twisted cotton cord for coasters.