Brown ceramic cat bowls
Handmade brown cat bowls
Handcrafted brown ceramic cat bowls


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Pair of same size matte brown ceramic bowls.

Handmade by our fantastic ceramic artist.

Pictures don't tell the whole story. Each and every bowl is different and unique. Each is extremely beautiful, though. Guaranteed to make your cat feel even more elegant.

With a matching oak tray. Some seriously premium combination.

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Size chart

Size Diameter, cm
Capacity, ml Tray size (L x W x H), cm Typical breeds
S 12 200 26 x 13 x 2 Really small. Singapura, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex
M 15 400 34 x 17 x 2 Regular sized cat
L 18 700 40 x 20 x 2 Really big. Maine Coon. Lynx would probably also like it.

You can also order XL size. But that raises a question. Are you sure your cat is legal?


Bowls: 100% ceramic.
Tray: 100% oak wood.

Care instructions

Can put the pottery in a dishwasher. But better wash it with your hands; it isn't that hard. Oak tray - always with your hands and a damp cloth.


This listing is for one set of bowls and oak tray only. Other products shown in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Also, please note that colors might slightly differ from the ones you see on your screen due to differences in screen parameters.