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WOOL FELT cat bed. Cloudy+tartan

WOOL FELT cat bed. Cloudy+tartan

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Handmade in our... Kitchen. By mixing various dyes. Took the whole day, really. Couldn't repeat the colour even if we wanted, as actually no idea what amount of which colour went to the mixture. Some red, some green, blue, black, yellow, orange, purple. It's all cloudy. Definitely one of a kind! And one in the whole world. Art? Maybe. Probably.

There are quite a few videos of cats preferring the packing to the actual good which was bought to the furry one. Well, we had this struggle as well. But not anymore! Our cats love these beds. Probably this 100% New Zealand wool does the trick.

The case has a really subtle smell of sheep. If you don't like it, just wash the case. Your cat will like it anyway. Hopefully. Nevertheless, this beautiful bed will make any room cozier.

Dimensions (L x W x H), cm

55 x 40 x 10


Shell: 100% wool.
Pillow: 85% cotton, 15% other.
Pillow filling: 85% wool, 15% other.

Care instructions

Both the shell and the pillow can be put in the washing machine. Just remove the filling from the pillow. And use some gentle (preferably wool) cycle.


This listing is for one bed with pillow only. Other products shown in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Also, please note that colors might slightly differ to the ones you see on your screen due to differences in screen parameters.

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